Online Computex 2016

The main theme of this year’s exhibition is the IoT Total Solution for Consumer Applications. This total solution includes

lCloud Service

lRegional Service

lOnsite Platform

lNetwork Edge Device (NED)


To understand this solution in more details, please see the image files below.


We encourage the electronic device maker to join us because we will help you to make your device a cloud device.


You can first upgrade your device to a cloud device so that the user can reach his/her device anywhere anytime, then to offer a value-added cloud service for the user with our solution, and finally to integrate with other devices on our platform to provide the user with an advanced and more intelligent application.


Note that the final step can also be done by the 3rd party software developer because our IoT solution allows them to contribute easily. In any cases, it will increase the value of each device.


Three potential products are shown in the exhibition to reveal the application of this IoT total solution.


One is the ShareIOCam. It integrates remote sensing and control with the video feedback, and it’s easy to share any part of the functions or devices with the family or friends. We take the LED light control as an example. The LED lights are connected to the UniGate using our proprietary Bluetooth mesh solution. Through the UniGate, the lights can be controlled from the remote site over the Internet. The ShareIOCam shows the “visible control” capability. We have a live demo on site, and you could find it on the live video above. 


The second product is the Share-Image Display Device (SIDD) dongle. It helps the user to share his/her smartphone images and files on the big screen. It also allows many-to-many display sharing. You can find the detail in the image files below.


Finally, the Live Video Broadcast Solution shows an easy and economic way to share the live video with the world. The live video on this webpage is the real demo of it. You can find more application scenarios and details in the image file below.


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